Content of the "Bible in a Nutshell" Seminar

Below, you will find the 10 sets of slides used in the ‘Bible in a Nutshell’ seminars. To prepare, you can follow through these slides at your own pace that will give you a sense of the themes that will be covered. However, we recommend that you follow them in the order suggested below.
(Click on the Subject/Theme to see the slides)




Slides (click/tap to view)



Slides (13) “Believe the Bible – Reasons”


Slides (20) “Kingdom of God explained”


Slides (12) ”The Promises”


Slides (21) ”Jesus – Promised Messiah”


Slides (18) “Kingdom of Israel Restored”


Slides (8) “What’s wrong with Us?”


Slides (20) “Why did Jesus Die”


Slides (11) “Be a Follower of Jesus”


Slides (7) “New People for a New World”

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