Reasons to Believe

Reasons to Believe

There are many reasons to believe the Bible. Here are some Videos that provide us with good evidence of why it is reasonable to accept what it has to say.good

There are many reasons to believe the Bible. Here are some Videos that provide us with good evidence of why it is reasonable to accept what it has to say.

Hope in a Hopeless World
2020 has been unprecedented. We have been surounded by an invisible enemy and many have questioned the state of the future. No-one knows how much society and the economy will be affected, going forward.
However, there is a hope; Jesus has promised that he will return to bring salvation and redemption.

Jesus Christ in You
A beautiful poem about the hope we have in Christ and the coming Kingdom of God.

A Beautiful Poem about the state of the world, compared to the wonderful hope we have in Christ and the coming kingdom of God on this Earth – centred in Jerusalem.

Are you ready for Christ’s return
Just take a minute to think. What if today was your last. What if tomorrow never came. Are you living every day as to God? Where do you stand with God? Have you really changed your ways?
Have the cares of this world taken your heart and have you become complacent?
Stop, Think & Consider your position.

Reasons to Believe – The Hope of Israel
The central message of the scriptures is the Hope of Israel. Through the ages, their story is one fraught with persecution and exile as in today’s Diaspora. The return to their homeland was prophesied in Scripture. God made eternal promises to them. The hope of the Bible is bound up in the future of God’s people of whom again and again He has promised he will not forsake.

Reasons to Believe
This video explores reasons to believe in how Jesus offers us peace from our anxieties as human beings; there are reasons to believe in the history and return of Israel to their homeland; there are also reasons to believe in the natural world in biology, chemistry and mathematics and geography and how it is testimony to an almighty Creator

Reasons to Believe in a Creator
There is growing evidence within the scientific community that life could not have possibly evolved as per Darwin’s claim, due to the complexity of life. Recent discoveries concerning the complex nature of individual cells and the stunning mechanisms employed by each cell to be fully functioning have shed doubt on many atheist’s claims that there is no designer.
See the evidence – you decide!

Reasons to Believe in the Bible
The Bible is a wonderful book that justifies its enduring existence because it is the Word of God, the Creator, who wants his creation to listen to its message. We the hearers are able to seen its depth of relevance to our lives, to have confidence in its message, to be sure of the supernatural and to accept its veracity as proven by prophecy.
See the evidence – you decide!

Reasons to Believe that Jesus will return as King
The Bible presents us all with a message of hope. Within its pages, there are many promises that Jesus will return soon to set up the Kingdom of God, when righteoudness will be established in the earth and when that is upheld in all the earth, then true peace will follow.
See the evidence – you decide!


1. Biology
Dr Phillip Mallinder, a molecular biologist, explains the amazing, intricate design of cells in the human body and the beak of a woodpecker and asks, “Who designed them?”

2. The manuscripts
Dr Martyn Lawrence examines some of the remarkable features of Bible manuscripts, comparing and contrasting them with other sources for other accepted historical events.

3. The Law of Moses
Dr John Hellawell explains how many of our supposedly ‘modern’ hygiene practices actually date back thousands of years, and are described accurately in the early books of the Bible!

4. Horticulture
TV and Radio gardener Matthew Biggs explains how the natural world around us demonstrates the power and purpose of a God of creation as described in the Bible.

5.Historical accuracy
History teacher John Botten explains how the Bible not only records ancient history but also predicted the rise and fall of Alexander the Great.

6. Archaeology
Dr Leen Ritmeyer, an experienced archaeological architect who specialises on Jerusalem, explores how modern day archaeological discoveries verify the Biblical account of historic events.

7. Israel, Rebirth of a Nation 
The rebirth of Israel in 1948 & its continued existence  is an amazing fulfilment of 2500 year old Bible prophecy. Jewish people returning to their biblical homeland is a sign that Jesus Christ will return to establish the long promised kingdom of God.

Who are the Christadelpians.
Are they unique and what do the believe

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